.about us


What is Vulpiart

We are a company started by a small team of positive thinking people who love to share with others how delightful life can be. We are devoted to express our appreciation to life in visual form, make use of our drawing and graphical skills and convert our ideas into products and publications.

Enjoying life, teamwork, trust and responsibility – those are the guiding lights of our company culture. They give us orientation and support us in realizing our shared dream.

What do we do

We design and distribute our own brand of clothing, stationery, gifts and accessory products. We make use of online platforms such as website, social networks and blogs to communicate with the world and share our works. We also welcome business cooperations such as distributorship, licensing and brand-building.

We care about the society

We recognized ourselves as a corporate citizen and we care about our society. We are therefore obliged to make it better by actively participated in voluntary community services.

We care about mother earth

Our mother earth is sick - and we do care. We try to do our part to save more trees by using as less paper as possible. We make full use of computer technology in our designing work, from sketches to final outputs. We also try to minimize the use of paper in our daily administrative works, for example, we don’t  issue invoices in paper form unless our customer request for it.